Exploring the Cutting-Edge Qualvision ColorView Technology

In the fast-paced world of surveillance and security, technological advancements play a pivotal role in enhancing the effectiveness of monitoring systems. One such innovation making waves in the indus...


What distinguishes events, alerts, and alarms in the alarm industry?

Within the alarm industry, the terms events, alerts, and alarms carry distinct meanings crucial for understanding and responding to diverse situations: Events:An event is any occurrence or c...


Safeguarding Spaces: The Fourfold Security Shield of Qualvision Active Deterrence Cameras

Qualvision's active deterrence cameras redefine security by providing an advanced system that not only watches and alerts but actively deters potential intruders. Explore the innovative features a...


Maximize your surveillance capability with the Qualvision Dual-lens Camera

Qualvision proudly introduces the game-changing Dual-Lens Camera, setting a new standard in security technology. With two lenses working seamlessly, this innovative camera ensures unparalleled perspec...


Qualvision Unveils Revolutionary Smart Dual Illumination Camera for Enhanced Nighttime Security

Qualvision, a pioneer in security technology, introduces its cutting-edge Smart Dual Illumination Camera, addressing the limitations of traditional infrared cameras in low nighttime illumination. This...


iQSense: Redefining Safety – Precision, Efficiency, Versatility

iQSense stands as an advanced analysis technology harnessing the power of deep learning algorithms.Intelligent Focus:Discern real threats by exclusively detecting humans and vehicles, filtering out ex...


Product Announcement: Qualvision FishEyes Cameras

Conventional CCTV cameras greatly struggle to capture footage in night-time scenarios. In turn, Homaxi ColorView cameras are designed to deliver 24/7 clear high-quality images under low-light conditio...


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