Qualvision Unveils Revolutionary Smart Dual Illumination Camera for Enhanced Nighttime Security


Qualvision, a pioneer in security technology, introduces its cutting-edge Smart Dual Illumination Camera, addressing the limitations of traditional infrared cameras in low nighttime illumination. This solution tackles challenges such as light pollution, energy consumption, and costs associated with full-color cameras.

Key Features:

Intelligent Light Switching: The camera switches between warm light and infrared (IR) intelligently, providing real-time colorful imaging during events for effective deterrence.

HD Resolution: With Up to 4K resolution, the camera ensures clear and detailed nighttime visuals without compromising quality, offering comprehensive security coverage.

Versatile Compatibility: The camera seamlessly integrates with ONVIF and popular alarm platforms, allowing for diverse applications. This compatibility ensures a hassle-free incorporation into various security systems.

Custom Lighting Plans: Tailor lighting schedules to your specific work and lifestyle needs. The camera provides flexibility in adjusting illumination based on your preferences and requirements.

Proactive Security: The camera features warm light and two-way talk capabilities to proactively deter intruders. With remote notifications, users can stay informed and take immediate action when needed.

Illumination Modes

Qualvision's Smart Dual Illumination Camera introduces three distinct modes for adaptive functionality:

Smart Illumination Mode: During events, warm light activates, providing clear and colorful imaging. In inactive periods, the camera seamlessly switches to IR for discreet surveillance.

Warm Light Mode: Offering 24/7 colorful imaging, this mode ensures bright and vivid visuals without the need for supplemental light. It is ideal for continuous surveillance.

IR Mode: Activated during specific time periods, this mode eliminates light pollution and captures clear black and white images. Warm light deterrence is integrated for enhanced security during predefined hours.

In addition to these modes, the camera boasts another robust feature:

Strobe Light Deterrence: Experience real-time security enhancement with powerful strobe light deterrence. Deter potential intruders with attention-grabbing flashes, adding an extra layer of protection to your property.

Qualvison's commitment to innovation shines through with the Smart Dual Illumination Camera, providing intelligent features for adaptable scenarios. Elevate your protection with Qualvison and experience heightened security, energy efficiency, and exceptional visual clarity. Trust Qualvison to redefine your expectations in nighttime surveillance technology.

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