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In the face of complex challenges in campus security, Qualvision offers an effective security surveillance solution to address issues like gun violence, bullying, and drug abuse. Leveraging multiple proprietary technologies. Qualvision provides real-time monitoring, intelligent analysis, and facial detection capabilities. This empowers campuses not only to deter criminal activities but also to respond swiftly to emergencies.


The system's user-friendly interface and extensive coverage make it the ideal choice for ensuring the safety and well-being of students, faculty, and staff. With Qualvision, campuses can proactively tackle security concerns, creating a safer learning environment.

Parking Lot
Campus Perimter

Utilizing Qualvision dual-lens cameras in open spaces like playgrounds and sports fields provides 32:9 ultrawide images, seamlessly stitching a 180-degree panoramic view. These cameras deliver colorful images around the clock, expanding coverage for comprehensive monitoring.


They are an efficient alternative to deploying multiple cameras. Additionally, built-in siren and light warnings deter intruders, preventing potential criminal activities.

Qualvision products have built-in microphones and advanced noise reduction, filtering

background noise for clear audio. In classroom incidents, audio syncs with video, preserving event details effectively.

•   Motorized varifocal lens for easy installation and monitoring

•   Clear imaging against strong backlight due to 120dB WDR technology

•   Water and dust resistant (IP67) and vandal proof (IK10)

•   Built-in microphone for real-time audio security

•   Support 9:16 corridor mode to improve the image efficiency in corridor scenarios.

In large settings like libraries  and auditoriums, Qualvision fisheye cameras provide versatility. One product covers a full 360-degree view, capturing everything. It offers three imaging modes: fisheye, panoramic, and PTZ, ensuring flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and easy installation for reliable monitoring.

In campus parking lots, Qualvision PTZ cameras are employed for automatic tracking of suspicious vehicles and individuals. With a high-definition 4K resolution and a maximum zoom of 32x, 

these cameras leave no room for criminals to escape. They can dynamically adjust their field of view to track moving objects. Furthermore, the integration of DeepSense technology enables these cameras toprioritize humans and vehicles, filtering out other motionfor improved security and efficiency.

Around school perimeters or dormitory buildings, Qualvision Active Guard is the ideal choice. Equipped with DeepSense technology, it precisely identifies suspicious individuals and vehicles. When it detects someone attempting to climb over a fence, the product's built-in siren and light alarm technology can proactively defend by utilizing red-blue light flashing and two-way talk functionality. This enhances the capability for proactive defense.

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