iQSense: Redefining Safety – Precision, Efficiency, Versatility


iQSense stands as an advanced analysis technology harnessing the power of deep learning algorithms.Intelligent Focus:Discern real threats by exclusively detecting humans and vehicles, filtering out extraneous moving objects.Instant Alarms:Enable real-time detection of intruders with prompt notifications sent directly to mobile devices for swift responses.Smart Search:Effortlessly classify and extract footage featuring people and vehicles from recorded videos, facilitating easy review and retrieval of historical information.Distinctive Features:Perimeter Protection: Based on the perimeter protection function, it triggers an alarm only when there is a human or vehicle movement, which can save users from the hassle of unwanted alarms.

SMD (Smart Motion Detection): Efficiently detects and classifies targets into people, vehicles, and others, reducing false alarms.- Detection Accuracy Rates:- Human & Vehicle: Up to 99%- Small animals (cat, dog):<0.5%- Large animals (cattle, horse, sheep): <1%- Human detection distance up to 30m daytime (distance at night varies by scene).- Vehicle detection distance up to 50m (2.8mm fixed-focal camera).iQSense Benefits for Your Family and Business:Precise Focus and Quick Reactions

Alarms triggered exclusively by people and vehicles, ensuring swift notifications and equipped with two-way talk for active response.

Labor-saving and Cost-savings: 

iQSense technology on IP cameras, NVRs, and UVRs make surveillance intelligent, significantly reducing labor resources and operating costs.

Easy to Operate and Backup

One-click arming and disarming, instant alerts via apps, messages, and emails. Supports video backup to Google Drive and Dropbox, eliminating the need for separate cloud storage subscriptions.

Versatile Functions

iQSense adapts to various scenarios with intelligent analysis algorithms, human and vehicle classifications, active deterrence, smart dual 

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